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Private Consulting:

Have a part you need to get passed, need training or a turn key program developed?
Let us come to you.
We are available to travel on request and capable of solving your most difficult machining needs.
Please email or call us directly to discuss consulting options.
● MartonBros@gmail.com
● Phone: 951-514-8149

Shop Lead Times:

● Milling 4-6 WEEKS
● Lathe 3-4 WEEKS
● Design 4 WEEKS
● CNC Plasma 1-2 WEEKS
● Fabrication – Available on project to project basis only, lead times will vary.

EXPEDITE is available for an addition fee, which varies by project.

Our Shop Terms:

By accepting our quote and placing an order, you agree to our terms and your order then goes into production.
Meaning it is LOCKED IN – and ANY REVISIONS/ADJUSTMENTS, or ADDITIONS TO THE ORDER will require a new revised quote as well as revised lead time. If you decide to make changes or revisions to an order already in production, payment for the order in production will still be required for however much of it has been run at that time. A new quote must be approved by you and payment received before production on the revised order begins. If you have supplied us with a CAD drawing for your order, all tolerances and measurements must be exact at the time submission for your order to go into production. We will not start production on your order until we have the correct CAD file from you or one that was developed by us.

CAD files created by Marton Brothers, are NOT included with your order unless agreed upon when the order is initially placed. However your CAD files are available for an additional fee if you require them. We are more than happy to make changes/adjustments to your order once the revised quote has been approved and lead times are agreed upon.

These terms are in place to make a smoother running Mfg Facility. While at times it may seem like a burden since you’re in a rush it will keep MB running as smoothly as possible with consistent track record.

● MartonBros@gmail.com
● Phone: 951-514-8149

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