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About Us.

marton-brothersOur mission at Marton Brothers is to inspire the creativity of the human spirit. If you can dream it, think it, design it, it can be made a reality. You are only limited by your imagination.

The vision of Marton Brothers was carved out from the unavailability of machine shops willing to work with “the small guy with BIG dreams”. Marton Brothers, was founded by John Marton. Who since the late 90’s were searching for a machine shop to create custom suspension, gearing, lighting and custom engines (electric, turbine, two cycle, four cycle, and steam). They quickly discovered if they wanted to achieve this kind of manufacturing they would have to create the capability to accomplish it themselves.

John has a diverse manufacturing background stemming from various tool+die shops, performance racing, aerospace, medical and production shops. Providing him with the vast experience, knowledge and skillset that is the force behind Marton Brothers.

Our shop began with one Brother machine in 2014 and today Marton Brothers is a growing machine shop dedicated to co-creation, creativity, and quality. We welcome all ideas and strategies. We work with you to develop your products and manufacture your ideas. Whether you need private consulting or CNC programming, a custom part or prototype, or want to race RC with the most badass (yes, we said badass) products on the market. Marton Brothers is there to make you a rock star.


John Marton

Owner, Programmer, Operator, Sales and Project Manager

As owner and creator of Marton Brothers, John is a jack of all trades. His skills include, product development, co-creation, Lights-out manufacturing, automation, CNC programming, consulting, R&D and business development. With a unique background in exotic metals, on and off road performance parts, aerospace and medical. His unique mastery of old school machinist techniques combined with todays modern technology and programing makes John an unstoppable asset across the manufacturing industry. Johns love of anything mechanical started as a young child and continued on into a career of over 15 years working in the industry. As someone who constantly pushes himself to the next level, John decided to open his own machine shop in 2014, utilizing primarily Brother machines.



Multimedia Executive, Machine Operator, Delivery Girl

Cara is the resident Webmaster/Videographer and multimedia executive for Marton Brothers. With over 15 years experience in the multimedia industry and a background in aerospace and manufacturing. Cara is also a master of conceptualizing ideas, innovation and loves getting to utilize her creative skills in everything she immerses herself in. Caras metalworking skills include, plasma cutting, welding and the ability to design custom signs and plasma parts. She is also parts operator, running the machines, office accountant and in charge of shipping and delivery.
As someone who believes you have to work hard to play hard, Cara isn’t afraid to get dirty.

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